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International Journal of Cybernetics and Cyber-Physical Systems (IJCCPS)

International Journal of Cybernetics and Cyber-Physical Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Coil characteristic analysis and efficiency optimisation of wireless power transmission systemGuanyu ChenVol.1 No.1105-118Free access
Simultaneous localisation and mapping of intelligent mobile robotsSufang Wang; Tingyang Xie; Peng ChenVol.1 No.193-104Free access
Sliding mode plus U-control method for continuous time SISO dynamic systemsZhengrong Wei; Ruobing Li; Quanmin ZhuVol.1 No.168-92Free access
Multi-stream aggregation network for fine-grained crop pests and diseases image recognitionXuebo Jin; Zhi Tao; Jianlei KongVol.1 No.152-67Free access
Active steering control-based trucks lane-keeping systemKawther Osman; Jawhar Ghommam; Maarouf SaadVol.1 No.133-51Free access
Modelling and simulation of urban traffic systems: present and futureFeng Qiao; Tao Liu; Haochen Sun; Lingzhong Guo; Yifan ChenVol.1 No.11-32Free access