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International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management (IJCCM)

International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Project management 'East' and 'West': findings and reflectionsSvein Arne JessenVol.3 No.2188-216Free access
Effects of cognitive diversity on relationship conflict, agreement-seeking behaviour and decision quality: a study of Chinese management teamsSatyanarayana Parayitam; Bradley J. Olson; Yongjian BaoVol.3 No.2174-187Free access
The dual reality of the Chinese knowledge economyJakob Arnoldi; Joy Yueyue ZhangVol.3 No.2160-173Free access
An exploratory study of Chinese own brand strategy in the grocery sectorWei Song; David D. ScheinVol.3 No.2139-159Free access
Designing the dragon or does the dragon design? An analysis of the impact of creative industries on urban development of BeijingErwin Van Tuijl; Jan Van der BorgVol.3 No.2125-138Free access
Talent in China: exploring the issues faced by Australian multinational enterprisesJane L. Menzies; Anthony McDonnellVol.3 No.2107-124Free access