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International Journal of Critical Accounting (IJCA)

International Journal of Critical Accounting

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Special districts and social cohesion: an initial studyLarita J. KillianVol.11 No.2180-199Free access
Theoretical perspective of corporate governance among state-owned enterprises: a literature reviewAlbert Ochien'g Abang'a; David Wang'ombeVol.11 No.2160-179Free access
Enhanced disclosures practice towards integrated reporting: evidence from BahrainMahmood Fakhro; Gagan Kukreja; Adel M. SareaVol.11 No.2144-159Free access
Multi-theoretical perspectives for corporate risk disclosure: a literature reviewErastus Mbithi; David Wang'ombe; Tankiso MoloiVol.11 No.2125-143Free access
Without capital accumulation, is productive scale expansion possible?Masaya FujitaVol.11 No.2114-124Free access
Does institutional intervention achieve intended outcomes? The case of a professional accountancy organisationRichard Amankwa Fosu; Mohammed Amidu; William CoffieVol.11 No.291-113Free access