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International Journal of Critical Accounting (IJCA)

International Journal of Critical Accounting

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Small business units in Cameroon: the current informal situation and perspectives for a total state controlJean-Guy Degos; Guy DjongouéVol.9 No.168-84Free access
Double-entry bookkeeping as an institutionMasaya FujitaVol.9 No.153-67Free access
Academic freedom and a critique of 'top quality' accounting research Bruce CommitteVol.9 No.142-52Free access
On neo-colonialism and the colonisation of accounting researchWm. Dennis HuberVol.9 No.118-41Free access
Regulating financial crises in the USA, the dialectic and beyond part AAida Sy; Anthony TinkerVol.9 No.11-17Free access