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International Journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics (IJBBR)

International Journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Feature-channel subset selection for optimising myoelectric human-machine interface designMohammadreza Asghari Oskoei; Huosheng Hu; John Q. GanVol.2 No.2/3/4195-208Free access
Review of EMG-based neuromuscular interfaces for rehabilitation: elbow joint as an exampleRan Tao; Shane Xie; Yanxin Zhang; James W.L. PauVol.2 No.2/3/4184-194Free access
Lyapunov function-based non-linear control for two-wheeled mobile robotsZareena Kausar; Karl Stol; Nitish PatelVol.2 No.2/3/4172-183Free access
Biologically-inspired swallowing robot for investigation of texture modified foodsSteven Dirven; Weiliang Xu; Leo K. Cheng; Jacqueline Allen; John BronlundVol.2 No.2/3/4163-171Free access
The structural synthesis of planar 10-link, 3-DOF simple and multiple joint kinematic chainsJinkui Chu; Yanhuo Zou; Pengfei HeVol.2 No.2/3/4150-162Free access
Simulation of a 6-PUS jaw robot and a new mechanism inspired by masticatory systemMing Cong; Haiying Wen; Weiliang XuVol.2 No.2/3/4141-149Free access
Fibre optic force sensor for flexible bevel tip needles in minimally invasive surgeriesJas Singh; Johan Potgieter; Weiliang XuVol.2 No.2/3/4135-140Free access
Parameterisation analysis for a four in-wheel-motors drive and four wheels independent steering electric vehicle based on multi-body inverse kinematicsShaoyun Ren; Zhurong Dong; Hao Qiu; Zhanyu Li; Ziming Tom QiVol.2 No.2/3/4124-134Free access
Effects of knee alignment on human gait based on wireless sensorsNorihiko Saga; Saeko Irie; Yasutaka Nakanishi; Hiroki Dobashi; Akitoshi SogabeVol.2 No.2/3/4118-123Free access
Design of a peristaltic crawling robot using 3-D link mechanismsNorihiko Saga; Satoshi Tesen; Hiroki Dobashi; Jun-ya NagaseVol.2 No.2/3/4111-117Free access
Plug-and-play design and distributed logic control of medical devices using IEC 61499 function blocksMajid Sorouri; Valeriy Vyatkin; Shengquan Xie; Zoran SalcicVol.2 No.2/3/4102-110Free access
Efficiency-based optimisation of a 2-DOF robotic fish modelSayyed Farideddin Masoomi; Stefanie Gutschmidt; XiaoQi Chen; Mathieu SellierVol.2 No.2/3/493-101Free access
A road surface identification method for a four in-wheel-motor drive electric vehicleZhijun Deng; Ziming Tom Qi; Zhurong Dong; Ping He; Chengwei Han; Shaoyun RenVol.2 No.2/3/487-92Free access
A novel control method for electric power steering system based on dead-zone inverse transforming compensation in a four-in-wheel-motor drive electric vehicleSongfeng Liang; Ziming Tom Qi; Zhurong Dong; Hao Qiu; Songhua HuVol.2 No.2/3/481-86Free access
Steering coordination control of front wheels for a four in-wheel-motor drive electric vehicleXiaochun Zhu; Hao Qiu; Zhurong Dong; Ziming Tom Qi; Yachen ZhangVol.2 No.2/3/475-80Free access
Modelling of pneumatic muscle actuator and antagonistic joint using linearised parametersLiming Sui; Shengquan XieVol.2 No.2/3/467-74Free access