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International Journal of Aviation Management (IJAM)

International Journal of Aviation Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
How does aviation industry measure safety performance? Current practice and limitationsSteffen Kaspers; Nektarios Karanikas; Alfred Roelen; Selma Piric; Robert J. De BoerVol.4 No.3224-245Free access
Evaluating human error data for hazards in air-traffic control and deriving a quantitative safety indexTakeshi Matsuoka; Osamu AmaiVol.4 No.3199-223Free access
China's airline industry deregulation: assessing the impact on the operational performance of dominant carriersIoannis KoliousisVol.4 No.3182-198Free access
Airport management perspectives on aviation biofuels: drivers, barriers, and policy requirements in the US Pacific NorthwestDaniel Mueller; Season Hoard; Paul Smith; Christina Sanders; Michael J. GaffneyVol.4 No.3163-181Free access
Consumers from India and the USA have differing views of flight attendantsRian Mehta; Natasha A. Rao; Ethan Labonte; Stephen Rice; Deborah Carstens; Sierra GaenickeVol.4 No.3147-162Free access