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International Journal of Automation and Logistics (IJAL)

International Journal of Automation and Logistics

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Multi-agent-based bus route optimisation for restricting passenger traffic bottlenecks in disaster situationsSayaka Morimoto; Takahiro Jinba; Hiroto Kitagawa; Keiki Takadama; Takahiro Majima; Daisuke Watanabe; Mitujiro KatuharaVol.2 No.1/2153-177Free access
Evolutionary multi-objective route and fleet assignment optimisation for regular and non-regular flightsKeiki Takadama; Takahiro Jinba; Tomohiro Harada; Hiroyuki SatoVol.2 No.1/2122-152Free access
A k-means clustering for supply chain risk management with embedded network connectivityXiao Feng Yin; Xiuju Fu; Loganathan Ponnambalam; Rick Siow Mong GohVol.2 No.1/2108-121Free access
Collective behaviour in cascade model depends on turn of the choiceSaori Iwanaga; Akira NamatameVol.2 No.1/293-107Free access
Effects of stubborn decision-makers on vaccination and disease propagation in social networksEriko Fukuda; Jun TanimotoVol.2 No.1/278-92Free access
Multi-agent control system with intelligent optimisation for building energy and comfort managementEe May Kan; Siew Leong Kan; Yvonne Soh; Dou Zi; Khaing YadanarVol.2 No.1/260-77Free access
Optimum driving condition for lift creating cylinder by plasma actuators based on wind tunnel evaluation-based designMasahiro Kanazaki; Takashi Matsuno; Kengo Maeda; Hiromitsu KawazoeVol.2 No.1/245-59Free access
Structurisation and visualisation of design space for launch vehicle with hybrid rocket engineKazuhisa Chiba; Masahiro Kanazaki; Shin'ya Watanabe; Koki Kitagawa; Toru ShimadaVol.2 No.1/226-44Free access
Evolutionary multi-level robust solution search for noisy multi-objective optimisation problems with different noise levelsHiroyuki Sato; Tomohisa HashimotoVol.2 No.1/24-25Free access