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International Journal of Agile and Extreme Software Development (IJAESD)

International Journal of Agile and Extreme Software Development

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A review of the Getting Real software development approachJari SarjaVol.1 No.178-94Free access
Software product innovation in agile usability teams: an analytical framework of social capital, network governance, and usability knowledge managementJeremy T. Barksdale; D. Scott McCrickardVol.1 No.152-77Free access
Promoting innovation in agile methods: two case studies in interactive installation's developmentPedro CamposVol.1 No.138-51Free access
Documentation strategies on agile software development projectsRashina Hoda; James Noble; Stuart MarshallVol.1 No.123-37Free access
Rescue of a whole-farm system: crystal clear in actionPablo Mangudo; Mauricio Arroqui; Claudia Marcos; Claudio F. MachadoVol.1 No.16-22Free access
Facts, trends and challenges in modern software developmentE. Michael Maximilien; Pedro CamposVol.1 No.11-5Free access