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International Journal of Precision Technology (IJPTech)

International Journal of Precision Technology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimisation strategies in ultrasonic vibration assisted electrical discharge machining: a reviewSanjay Kumar; Sandeep Grover; R.S. WaliaVol.7 No.151-84Free access
Analysis on electrochemical discharge machining during micro-channel cutting on glassB. Mallick; B.R. Sarkar; B. Doloi; B. BhattacharyyaVol.7 No.132-50Free access
Effect of electrolyte temperature on Faradaic effect in electrochemical microdrillingM.A.H. Mithu; G. Fantoni; J. CiampiVol.7 No.117-31Free access
Development of high speed closed loop operation for single notch flexure-based nanopositioning systemT. Narendra Reddy; S.N. Vithun; Prakash Vinod; Shrikantha S. Rao; Mervin A. HerbertVol.7 No.11-16Free access