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International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology (IJOGCT)

International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Technology

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Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Variations in coalbed gas content, initial gas desorption property and coal strength after drilling-slotting integration technique and gas drainage: insight into pore characteristicsQuan-le Zou; Bai-quan Lin; Ting Liu; Xin-cheng Hu; Chun-shan ZhengVol.15 No.3235-266Free access
Factors controlling production in hydraulically fractured low permeability oil reservoirsPalash Panja; Tyler Conner; Milind DeoVol.13 No.11-18Free access
Modelling of pressure transient behaviour for fractured gas wells under stress-sensitive and slippage effectsLei Wang; Xiaodong WangVol.11 No.118-38Free access
Influences of temperature and moisture on coal sorption characteristics of a bituminous coal from the Sydney Basin, AustraliaLei Zhang; Ting Ren; Naj AzizVol.8 No.162-78Free access
Non-Darcy displacement in linear composite and radial aquifer during CO2 sequestrationRonglei Zhang; Yu-Shu Wu; Perapon FakcharoenpholVol.7 No.3244-262Free access
Removal of water-based filter cake and stimulation of the formation in one-step using an environmentally friendly chelating agentSalaheldin M. Elkatatny; Hisham A. Nasr-El-DinVol.7 No.2169-188Free access
Diamondoids: occurrence in fossil fuels, applications in petroleum exploration and fouling in petroleum production. A review paperPatricia Lopes Barros De Araujo; G. Ali Mansoori; Elmo Silvano De AraujoVol.5 No.4316-367Free access
Three-dimensional pore networks and transport properties of a shale gas formation determined from focused ion beam serial imagingThomas A. Dewers; Jason Heath; Russ Ewy; Luca DurantiVol.5 No.2/3229-248Free access
Direct numerical simulation of pore-scale reactive transport: applications to wettability alteration during two-phase flowYan Zaretskiy; Sebastian Geiger; Ken SorbieVol.5 No.2/3142-156Free access
Systematic approach to numerical simulation and modelling of shale gas reservoirsAmirmasoud Kalantari-DahaghiVol.4 No.3209-243Free access