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International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science (IJANS)

International Journal of Applied Nonlinear Science

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Efficient algorithm to study the class of Burger's Fisher equationYogeshwari F. Patel; Jayesh M. DhodiyaVol.3 No.3242-266Free access
An analogue of Nadler's result in Hardy-Rogers type iterated multifunction systemM. Priya; A.A. Navish; R. UthayakumarVol.3 No.3223-241Free access
A new family of L-stable block methods with relative measure of stabilitySania Qureshi; Amanullah Soomro; Fadugba Sunday Emmanuel; Evren HincalVol.3 No.3197-222Free access
Rational solutions to the Painlevé II equation from particular polynomialsPierre GaillardVol.3 No.3189-196Free access
Meta Q-network: a combination of reinforcement learning and meta learningMin Lu; Yi Wang; Wenfeng WangVol.3 No.3179-188Free access