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Global Business and Economics Review (GBER)

Global Business and Economics Review

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Service quality and attitudinal loyalty: the mediating effect of delight on retail banking relationshipsAlex Coetzee; Johan CoetzeeVol.21 No.1120-138Free access
Developing sustainable competitive advantage of a firm through human resource management practices: a competence-based approachMarina Latukha; Polina Lisina; Yury PanibratovVol.21 No.196-119Free access
The romance of modern accounting education: an impact from positivism and materialismJordan Hotman Ekklesia SitorusVol.21 No.178-95Free access
Big data: ethical issuesLoay A. Alnaji; Shorouq F. Eletter; Ghaleb A. El RefaeVol.21 No.169-77Free access
Performance measurement indicators in the healthcare industry: a systematic reviewNida'a K. AbuJbara; Jody A. WorleyVol.21 No.143-68Free access
Impacts of information quality on decision-makingZina Houhamdi; Belkacem AthamenaVol.21 No.126-42Free access
Crafting a web-unique value proposition using the concept analysis techniqueAhmad GhandourVol.21 No.114-25Free access
Understanding the invisible hands of incentivesGhaleb A. El Refae; Abdelhafid Belarbi; Mahmoud Yousef AskariVol.21 No.13-13Free access