Chapter 4: Clustering and Classification

Pages Title and author(s)
96 - 101Title: Automated recognition and characterization of patterned terrains on Earth and Mars
Pedro Pina, Jose Saraiva, Lourenco Bandeira
102 - 109Title: Multispectral image indexing using a joint approach in the spatial and the compressed domains
Rafik Bensalma, Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
110 - 114Title: Optimisation of image parameters for landscape cartography with data from multi/hyperspectral images and spectral library
Francois Tavin, Audrey Roman, Pierre Gouton, Sandrine Mathieu
115 - 122Title: Partial unmixing of multi or hyperspectral images using ICA and fuzzy clustering techniques: Application to vegetation mapping on vineyards
Saeid Homayouni, Jean-Pierre Da Costa, Christian Germain, Olivier Lavialle, Gilbert Grenier