PART IV: Medical sciences and public health

Title: Development of Diagnostic Microbial Services in a Hospital Setting in Sudan

Author(s): Sowsan Atabani, I. Michael Kidd

Address: University College London Medical School | University College London Hospitals, UK

Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 101 - 103

Abstract/Summary: This paper describes a proposal for the development of adequate and standardized services for the diagnosis, treatment and management of bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections in Sudan. The paper outlines how the existing services can be upgraded and enhanced and then subsequently extended upcountry, with the provision of links for clinical liaison and management, along with a sustainable technology transfer. This would help to reduce the inequality gap in the quality of investigative and treatment options observed among patients in the capital city versus those based in more remote areas of the country. The establishment, development, upgrading, and enhancement of pathology services should be an integral part of a federal plan to improve population health; which itself is critical to support all other sustainable developments on a national scale.

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