PART I: Diaspora contribution to home country

Title: The Sudanese National Council in Uk and Irland (SNC) It|s Role in the Provision of Medical Services and Technology transfer to the Sudanese people

Author(s): Hammad Bagadi

Address: Sudanes National Council in UK & Ireland, UK

Reference: First Sudanese Diaspora International Conference - 2009 pp. 25 - 29

Abstract/Summary: SNC is a non-governmental, non-political charity organisation based in UK. Established in 1994 it remained the brand name for the provision of services to the Sudanese communities in UK & Sudan. SNC is chaired by Sheikh Dr Ibrahim El Tayeb & assisted by a committee of 15 members with various academic qualifications. SNC has its own constitution & membership is open to all Sudanese. The achievements of SNC could be summarised in 2 phases: in Phase 1 (1994 – 2006) most of the activities were undertaken in UK in the form scholarships, medical treatment, conferences, & cultural activities and Phase 2 (2007 – to date) includes an intensive work inside the Sudan in the form of medical missions to 4 States. To ensure a successful & efficient missions, 2 other bodies in Sudan cooperates with SNC namely SSWA & the State to be visited. The details of all achievements & the way forward for SNC will be shown & discussed in the paper.

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