Chapter 10: Investment and Trade

Title: The WTO agricultural negotiations in the Doha Development Round: Why the Australian and the EU positions differ?


Abstract/Summary: In the Uruguay Round negotiations, Australia had established the Cairns Group of Agricultural Exporters to push for agricultural liberalisation but that initiative had limited success. The advocacy role for farm liberalisation in the Doha Round of the WTO has been assumed by the G-20 and given the importance of this sector to the Australian economy, it is understandable that Australia, after some initial misgivings, has welcomed the formation of this Group and its subsequent ability to project a relatively united and cohesive voice in trade negotiations. The impression of the G-20 and its activities is extremely positive including in particular the leadership role of the Brazilian government (Brazil is also a member of the 18 country Cairns Group led by Australia). The aims of this paper, thus, first, to investigate the stand Australia takes in the current negotiations at WTO Doha Development Round. Secondly, to make some observations and take lessons from Australian position, keeping also in mind the EU's, in negotiations for a successful conclusion of the Doha Round.

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