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Title: On rolling resistance of bicycle tyres with ambient temperature in focus

Authors: Malte Rothhämel

Addresses: KTH Vehicle Dynamics, Royal Institute of Technology, 100 44, Stockholm, Sweden

Abstract: Two sets of bicycle tyres were tested with a one-degree-of-freedom two-wheeled pendulum, a portable rolling resistance test bed. Vertical load affected the rolling resistance coefficient only in a minor matter. The wider tyre showed an about 10% lower rolling resistance coefficient in comparison to a narrow tyre of the same type. Tyre inflation pressure and temperature are the major influence factors for rolling resistance. Both of them affect with factor two to three in the relevant range. Based on the data about temperature and inflation pressure a simple model is suggested.

Keywords: rolling resistance; tyres; bicycle; ambient temperature; tyre width; vertical load.

DOI: 10.1504/IJVSMT.2023.132317

International Journal of Vehicle Systems Modelling and Testing, 2023 Vol.17 No.1, pp.67 - 80

Received: 12 Jan 2022
Received in revised form: 02 Jun 2022
Accepted: 10 Jun 2022

Published online: 18 Jul 2023 *