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Title: EFL teaching based on big data analytics in mobile AAC system

Authors: Junsheng Li

Addresses: School of Foreign Studies, Weinan Normal University, Weinan 714099, China

Abstract: Augmentative and alternative communication, the mechanisms that may complement or substitute formal language in certain situations, tends to lead to technological assistance in English as a foreign language (EFL). In this context, this paper discusses the mobile AAC concept, which can enhance EFL teaching performance. The article proposes a hybrid approach to EFL using big data analytics and mobile AAC (EFLAAC) to facilitate smooth access for mobile learners to educational digital content on various mobile devices. The compression and decompression program in the new framework compress the file during the streaming without changing the quality. A systematic subjective analysis has been carried out with dataset of 250. The proposed model is evaluated and delivers high learning results from multimedia instructional videos using pre- and post-test questionnaires. EFLAAC attains 94.9% of accuracy, which is comparatively good than other approaches.

Keywords: EFL teaching; mobile augmentative; alternative communication; big data analytics; digital learning.

DOI: 10.1504/IJICT.2023.129899

International Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 2023 Vol.22 No.3, pp.309 - 326

Received: 16 Mar 2021
Accepted: 26 Jun 2021

Published online: 03 Apr 2023 *