Title: Biomimetic nano scaffold for sports ligament injury therapy

Authors: Xin Liu

Addresses: Institute of Physical Education, Hunan University of Science and Engineering, Yongzhou, 425199, China

Abstract: Nano-material structural units or characteristic dimensions are on the order of nanometres (1-100 nm). There are a large number of interfaces or free surfaces, and there is a strong or weak interaction between the nano-units. Because of this structural speciality, nanomaterials have some unique effects, including small size effects and surface or interface effects, etc., so they have very significant differences in performance from traditional micrometer materials with the same composition. In this study, based on the principle of structural bionics, a three-dimensional network-structured ligament material prepared by a hydrothermal method is used as a biomimetic biological scaffold. The SiC/TiO2 structure biomimetic nano-biological ligament material was developed. By combining SiC and TiO2 organically in this way, the excellent characteristics of the two materials can be synthesised, thereby making up for the lack of functionality of the two, and the prepared biomimetic nano-artificial ligament material has strength and toughness, etc. Performance is similar to natural ligaments. The surface and internal morphology (SEM, TEM), mechanical property test (FMA), cell viability test (MTT, ALP) and other experimental methods were used to study the relationship between its structure and performance. At the same time, a model of tendon-bone repair after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction was established to evaluate the effect of nano-biomaterials on the repair of the tendon-bone tunnel interface, and the impact of tendon-bone tunnel interface repair was evaluated in histology and biomechanics. The cruciate ligament injury provides experimental evidence.

Keywords: biomimetic material science; biomimetic biological material; artificial ligament material; nano-biomaterials; nanotechnology.

DOI: 10.1504/IJNT.2021.114226

International Journal of Nanotechnology, 2021 Vol.18 No.1/2/3/4, pp.214 - 225

Received: 08 May 2021
Accepted: 12 May 2021

Published online: 02 Apr 2021 *

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