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    1.   African J. of Accounting, Auditing and FinanceAJAAF
    2.   African J. of Economic and Sustainable DevelopmentAJESD
    3.   Afro-Asian J. of Finance and AccountingAAJFA
    4.   American J. of Finance and AccountingAJFA
    5.   Asian J. of Management Science and ApplicationsAJMSA
    6.   Atoms for Peace: an Int. J.AFP
    7.   Electronic Government, an Int. J.EG
    8.   EuroMed J. of ManagementEMJM
    9.   European J. of Cross-Cultural Competence and ManagementEJCCM
  10.   European J. of Industrial EngineeringEJIE
  11.   European J. of International ManagementEJIM
  12.   Global Business and Economics ReviewGBER
  13.   Int. J. of Abrasive TechnologyIJAT
  14.   Int. J. of Accounting and FinanceIJAF
  15.   Int. J. of Accounting, Auditing and Performance EvaluationIJAAPE
  16.   Int. J. of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous ComputingIJAHUC
  17.   Int. J. of Adaptive and Innovative SystemsIJAIS
  18.   Int. J. of Additive and Subtractive Materials ManufacturingIJASMM
  19.   Int. J. of Advanced Intelligence ParadigmsIJAIP
  20.   Int. J. of Advanced Mechatronic SystemsIJAMECHS
  21.   Int. J. of Advanced Media and CommunicationIJAMC
  22.   Int. J. of Advanced Operations ManagementIJAOM
  23.   Int. J. of AerodynamicsIJAD
  24.   Int. J. of Aerospace System Science and EngineeringIJASSE
  25.   Int. J. of Agent-Oriented Software EngineeringIJAOSE
  26.   Int. J. of Agile and Extreme Software DevelopmentIJAESD
  27.   Int. J. of Agile Systems and ManagementIJASM
  28.   Int. J. of Agricultural Resources, Governance and EcologyIJARGE
  29.   Int. J. of Agriculture Innovation, Technology and GlobalisationIJAITG
  30.   Int. J. of Alternative PropulsionIJAP
  31.   Int. J. of Applied CryptographyIJACT
  32.   Int. J. of Applied Decision SciencesIJADS
  33.   Int. J. of Applied Management ScienceIJAMS
  34.   Int. J. of Applied Nonlinear ScienceIJANS
  35.   Int. J. of Applied Pattern RecognitionIJAPR
  36.   Int. J. of Applied Systemic StudiesIJASS
  37.   Int. J. of Arab Culture, Management and Sustainable DevelopmentIJACMSD
  38.   Int. J. of Artificial Intelligence and Soft ComputingIJAISC
  39.   Int. J. of Arts and TechnologyIJART
  40.   Int. J. of Auditing TechnologyIJAUDIT
  41.   Int. J. of Automation and ControlIJAAC
  42.   Int. J. of Automation and LogisticsIJAL
  43.   Int. J. of Automotive CompositesIJAUTOC
  44.   Int. J. of Automotive Technology and ManagementIJATM
  45.   Int. J. of Autonomic ComputingIJAC
  46.   Int. J. of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications SystemsIJAACS
  47.   Int. J. of Aviation ManagementIJAM
  48.   Int. J. of Banking, Accounting and FinanceIJBAAF
  49.   Int. J. of Behavioural Accounting and FinanceIJBAF
  50.   Int. J. of Behavioural and Healthcare ResearchIJBHR
  51.   Int. J. of Bibliometrics in Business and ManagementIJBBM
  52.   Int. J. of Big Data IntelligenceIJBDI
  53.   Int. J. of Big Data ManagementIJBDM
  54.   Int. J. of Bio-Inspired ComputationIJBIC
  55.   Int. J. of Bioinformatics Research and ApplicationsIJBRA
  56.   Int. J. of Biomechatronics and Biomedical RoboticsIJBBR
  57.   Int. J. of Biomedical Engineering and TechnologyIJBET
  58.   Int. J. of Biomedical Nanoscience and NanotechnologyIJBNN
  59.   Int. J. of BiometricsIJBM
  60.   Int. J. of BiotechnologyIJBT
  61.   Int. J. of Blockchains and CryptocurrenciesIJBC
  62.   Int. J. of Bonds and DerivativesIJBD
  63.   Int. J. of Business and Data AnalyticsIJBDA
  64.   Int. J. of Business and Emerging MarketsIJBEM
  65.   Int. J. of Business and GlobalisationIJBG
  66.   Int. J. of Business and Systems ResearchIJBSR
  67.   Int. J. of Business Competition and GrowthIJBCG
  68.   Int. J. of Business Continuity and Risk ManagementIJBCRM
  69.   Int. J. of Business EnvironmentIJBE
  70.   Int. J. of Business ExcellenceIJBEX
  71.   Int. J. of Business Forecasting and Marketing IntelligenceIJBFMI
  72.   Int. J. of Business Governance and EthicsIJBGE
  73.   Int. J. of Business Information SystemsIJBIS
  74.   Int. J. of Business Innovation and ResearchIJBIR
  75.   Int. J. of Business Intelligence and Data MiningIJBIDM
  76.   Int. J. of Business Intelligence and Systems EngineeringIJBISE
  77.   Int. J. of Business Performance and Supply Chain ModellingIJBPSCM
  78.   Int. J. of Business Performance ManagementIJBPM
  79.   Int. J. of Business Process Integration and ManagementIJBPIM
  80.   Int. J. of Chinese Culture and ManagementIJCCM
  81.   Int. J. of Circuits and Architecture DesignIJCAD
  82.   Int. J. of Cloud ComputingIJCC
  83.   Int. J. of Cognitive BiometricsIJCB
  84.   Int. J. of Cognitive Performance SupportIJCPS
  85.   Int. J. of Collaborative EngineeringIJCE
  86.   Int. J. of Collaborative EnterpriseIJCENT
  87.   Int. J. of Collaborative IntelligenceIJCI
  88.   Int. J. of Communication Networks and Distributed SystemsIJCNDS
  89.   Int. J. of Comparative ManagementIJCM
  90.   Int. J. of CompetitivenessIJC
  91.   Int. J. of Complexity in Applied Science and TechnologyIJCAST
  92.   Int. J. of Complexity in Leadership and ManagementIJCLM
  93.   Int. J. of Computational Biology and Drug DesignIJCBDD
  94.   Int. J. of Computational Complexity and Intelligent AlgorithmsIJCCIA
  95.   Int. J. of Computational Economics and EconometricsIJCEE
  96.   Int. J. of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Systems BiologyIJCIBSB
  97.   Int. J. of Computational Intelligence StudiesIJCISTUDIES
  98.   Int. J. of Computational Materials Science and Surface EngineeringIJCMSSE
  99.   Int. J. of Computational Medicine and HealthcareIJCMH
100.   Int. J. of Computational Microbiology and Medical EcologyIJCMME
101.   Int. J. of Computational Science and EngineeringIJCSE
102.   Int. J. of Computational Systems EngineeringIJCSYSE
103.   Int. J. of Computational Vision and RoboticsIJCVR
104.   Int. J. of Computer Aided Engineering and TechnologyIJCAET
105.   Int. J. of Computer Applications in TechnologyIJCAT
106.   Int. J. of Computers in HealthcareIJCIH
107.   Int. J. of Computing Science and MathematicsIJCSM
108.   Int. J. of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long LearningIJCEELL
109.   Int. J. of Convergence ComputingIJCONVC
110.   Int. J. of Corporate GovernanceIJCG
111.   Int. J. of Corporate Strategy and Social ResponsibilityIJCSSR
112.   Int. J. of Creative ComputingIJCRC
113.   Int. J. of Critical AccountingIJCA
114.   Int. J. of Critical Computer-Based SystemsIJCCBS
115.   Int. J. of Critical InfrastructuresIJCIS
116.   Int. J. of Cultural ManagementIJCULTM
117.   Int. J. of Cybernetics and Cyber-Physical SystemsIJCCPS
118.   Int. J. of Data Analysis Techniques and StrategiesIJDATS
119.   Int. J. of Data Mining and BioinformaticsIJDMB
120.   Int. J. of Data Mining, Modelling and ManagementIJDMMM
121.   Int. J. of Data ScienceIJDS
122.   Int. J. of Decision Sciences, Risk and ManagementIJDSRM
123.   Int. J. of Decision Support SystemsIJDSS
124.   Int. J. of Design EngineeringIJDE
125.   Int. J. of Digital Culture and Electronic TourismIJDCET
126.   Int. J. of Digital Enterprise TechnologyIJDET
127.   Int. J. of Digital Signals and Smart SystemsIJDSSS
128.   Int. J. of Digital TransformationIJDT
129.   Int. J. of Diplomacy and EconomyIJDIPE
130.   Int. J. of Dynamical Systems and Differential EquationsIJDSDE
131.   Int. J. of Earthquake and Impact EngineeringIJEIE
132.   Int. J. of Ecological Bioscience and BiotechnologyIJEBB
133.   Int. J. of Economic Policy in Emerging EconomiesIJEPEE
134.   Int. J. of Economics and AccountingIJEA
135.   Int. J. of Economics and Business ResearchIJEBR
136.   Int. J. of Education Economics and DevelopmentIJEED
137.   Int. J. of Education, Arts and Social Issues in AfricaIJEASA
138.   Int. J. of Electric and Hybrid VehiclesIJEHV
139.   Int. J. of Electronic BankingIJEBANK
140.   Int. J. of Electronic BusinessIJEB
141.   Int. J. of Electronic Customer Relationship ManagementIJECRM
142.   Int. J. of Electronic DemocracyIJED
143.   Int. J. of Electronic FinanceIJEF
144.   Int. J. of Electronic GovernanceIJEG
145.   Int. J. of Electronic HealthcareIJEH
146.   Int. J. of Electronic Marketing and RetailingIJEMR
147.   Int. J. of Electronic Security and Digital ForensicsIJESDF
148.   Int. J. of Electronic TradeIJETRADE
149.   Int. J. of Electronic TransportIJET
150.   Int. J. of Embedded SystemsIJES
151.   Int. J. of Emergency ManagementIJEM
152.   Int. J. of Emerging Computing for Sustainable AgricultureIJECSA
153.   Int. J. of Energy Technology and PolicyIJETP
154.   Int. J. of Engineering Management and EconomicsIJEME
155.   Int. J. of Engineering Systems Modelling and SimulationIJESMS
156.   Int. J. of Enterprise Network ManagementIJENM
157.   Int. J. of Enterprise Systems Integration and InteroperabilityIJESII
158.   Int. J. of Entertainment Technology and ManagementIJENTTM
159.   Int. J. of Entrepreneurial VenturingIJEV
160.   Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Innovation ManagementIJEIM
161.   Int. J. of Entrepreneurship and Small BusinessIJESB
162.   Int. J. of Environment and HealthIJENVH
163.   Int. J. of Environment and PollutionIJEP
164.   Int. J. of Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentIJESD
165.   Int. J. of Environment and Waste ManagementIJEWM
166.   Int. J. of Environment, Workplace and EmploymentIJEWE
167.   Int. J. of Environmental EngineeringIJEE
168.   Int. J. of Environmental Policy and Decision MakingIJEPDM
169.   Int. J. of Environmental Technology and ManagementIJETM
170.   Int. J. of ExergyIJEX
171.   Int. J. of Experimental and Computational BiomechanicsIJECB
172.   Int. J. of Experimental Design and Process OptimisationIJEDPO
173.   Int. J. of Export MarketingIJEXPORTM
174.   Int. J. of Family Business and Regional DevelopmentIJFBRD
175.   Int. J. of Financial Engineering and Risk ManagementIJFERM
176.   Int. J. of Financial Innovation in BankingIJFIB
177.   Int. J. of Financial Markets and DerivativesIJFMD
178.   Int. J. of Financial Services ManagementIJFSM
179.   Int. J. of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public HealthIJFSNPH
180.   Int. J. of Forensic EngineeringIJFE
181.   Int. J. of Forensic Engineering and ManagementIJFEM
182.   Int. J. of Forensic Software EngineeringIJFSE
183.   Int. J. of Foresight and Innovation PolicyIJFIP
184.   Int. J. of Functional Informatics and Personalised MedicineIJFIPM
185.   Int. J. of Fuzzy Computation and ModellingIJFCM
186.   Int. J. of Gender Studies in Developing SocietiesIJGSDS
187.   Int. J. of Global Energy IssuesIJGEI
188.   Int. J. of Global Environmental IssuesIJGENVI
189.   Int. J. of Global WarmingIJGW
190.   Int. J. of Globalisation and Small BusinessIJGSB
191.   Int. J. of Governance and Financial IntermediationIJGFI
192.   Int. J. of Granular Computing, Rough Sets and Intelligent SystemsIJGCRSIS
193.   Int. J. of Green EconomicsIJGE
194.   Int. J. of Grid and Utility ComputingIJGUC
195.   Int. J. of Happiness and DevelopmentIJHD
196.   Int. J. of Healthcare PolicyIJHP
197.   Int. J. of Healthcare Technology and ManagementIJHTM
198.   Int. J. of Heavy Vehicle SystemsIJHVS
199.   Int. J. of High Performance Computing and NetworkingIJHPCN
200.   Int. J. of High Performance Systems ArchitectureIJHPSA
201.   Int. J. of Higher Education and SustainabilityIJHES
202.   Int. J. of Hospitality and Event ManagementIJHEM
203.   Int. J. of Human Factors and ErgonomicsIJHFE
204.   Int. J. of Human Factors Modelling and SimulationIJHFMS
205.   Int. J. of Human Resources Development and ManagementIJHRDM
206.   Int. J. of Human Rights and Constitutional StudiesIJHRCS
207.   Int. J. of Humanitarian TechnologyIJHT
208.   Int. J. of Hybrid IntelligenceIJHI
209.   Int. J. of Hydrology Science and TechnologyIJHST
210.   Int. J. of HydromechatronicsIJHM
211.   Int. J. of Image MiningIJIM
212.   Int. J. of Immunological StudiesIJIS
213.   Int. J. of Indian Culture and Business ManagementIJICBM
214.   Int. J. of Industrial and Systems EngineeringIJISE
215.   Int. J. of Industrial Electronics and DrivesIJIED
216.   Int. J. of Information and Coding TheoryIJICOT
217.   Int. J. of Information and Communication TechnologyIJICT
218.   Int. J. of Information and Computer SecurityIJICS
219.   Int. J. of Information and Decision SciencesIJIDS
220.   Int. J. of Information and Operations Management EducationIJIOME
221.   Int. J. of Information Privacy, Security and IntegrityIJIPSI
222.   Int. J. of Information QualityIJIQ
223.   Int. J. of Information Systems and Change ManagementIJISCM
224.   Int. J. of Information Systems and ManagementIJISAM
225.   Int. J. of Information Technology and ManagementIJITM
226.   Int. J. of Information Technology, Communications and ConvergenceIJITCC
227.   Int. J. of Innovation and LearningIJIL
228.   Int. J. of Innovation and Regional DevelopmentIJIRD
229.   Int. J. of Innovation and Sustainable DevelopmentIJISD
230.   Int. J. of Innovation in EducationIJIIE
231.   Int. J. of Innovative Computing and ApplicationsIJICA
232.   Int. J. of Instrumentation TechnologyIJIT
233.   Int. J. of Integrated Supply ManagementIJISM
234.   Int. J. of Intellectual Property ManagementIJIPM
235.   Int. J. of Intelligence and Sustainable ComputingIJISC
236.   Int. J. of Intelligent Defence Support SystemsIJIDSS
237.   Int. J. of Intelligent Engineering InformaticsIJIEI
238.   Int. J. of Intelligent EnterpriseIJIE
239.   Int. J. of Intelligent Information and Database SystemsIJIIDS
240.   Int. J. of Intelligent Internet of Things ComputingIJIITC
241.   Int. J. of Intelligent Machines and RoboticsIJIMR
242.   Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Design and ComputingIJISDC
243.   Int. J. of Intelligent Systems Technologies and ApplicationsIJISTA
244.   Int. J. of Intercultural Information ManagementIJIIM
245.   Int. J. of Internet and Enterprise ManagementIJIEM
246.   Int. J. of Internet Manufacturing and ServicesIJIMS
247.   Int. J. of Internet Marketing and AdvertisingIJIMA
248.   Int. J. of Internet of Things and Cyber-AssuranceIJITCA
249.   Int. J. of Internet Protocol TechnologyIJIPT
250.   Int. J. of Internet Technology and Secured TransactionsIJITST
251.   Int. J. of Inventory ResearchIJIR
252.   Int. J. of Islamic Marketing and BrandingIJIMB
253.   Int. J. of Knowledge and LearningIJKL
254.   Int. J. of Knowledge and Web IntelligenceIJKWI
255.   Int. J. of Knowledge Engineering and Data MiningIJKEDM
256.   Int. J. of Knowledge Engineering and Soft Data ParadigmsIJKESDP
257.   Int. J. of Knowledge Management in Tourism and HospitalityIJKMTH
258.   Int. J. of Knowledge Management StudiesIJKMS
259.   Int. J. of Knowledge Science and EngineeringIJKSE
260.   Int. J. of Knowledge-Based DevelopmentIJKBD
261.   Int. J. of Lean Enterprise ResearchIJLER
262.   Int. J. of Learning and ChangeIJLC
263.   Int. J. of Learning and Intellectual CapitalIJLIC
264.   Int. J. of Learning TechnologyIJLT
265.   Int. J. of Legal Information DesignIJLID
266.   Int. J. of Leisure and Tourism MarketingIJLTM
267.   Int. J. of Liability and Scientific EnquiryIJLSE
268.   Int. J. of Lifecycle Performance EngineeringIJLCPE
269.   Int. J. of Logistics Economics and GlobalisationIJLEG
270.   Int. J. of Logistics Systems and ManagementIJLSM
271.   Int. J. of Low RadiationIJLR
272.   Int. J. of Machine Intelligence and Sensory Signal ProcessingIJMISSP
273.   Int. J. of Machining and Machinability of MaterialsIJMMM
274.   Int. J. of Management and Decision MakingIJMDM
275.   Int. J. of Management and Enterprise DevelopmentIJMED
276.   Int. J. of Management and Network EconomicsIJMNE
277.   Int. J. of Management Concepts and PhilosophyIJMCP
278.   Int. J. of Management DevelopmentIJMD
279.   Int. J. of Management in EducationIJMIE
280.   Int. J. of Management PracticeIJMP
281.   Int. J. of Managerial and Financial AccountingIJMFA
282.   Int. J. of Manufacturing ResearchIJMR
283.   Int. J. of Manufacturing Technology and ManagementIJMTM
284.   Int. J. of Markets and Business SystemsIJMABS
285.   Int. J. of Masonry Research and InnovationIJMRI
286.   Int. J. of Mass CustomisationIJMASSC
287.   Int. J. of Materials and Product TechnologyIJMPT
288.   Int. J. of Materials and Structural IntegrityIJMSI
289.   Int. J. of Materials Engineering InnovationIJMATEI
290.   Int. J. of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical OptimisationIJMMNO
291.   Int. J. of Mathematics in Operational ResearchIJMOR
292.   Int. J. of Mechanisms and Robotic SystemsIJMRS
293.   Int. J. of Mechatronics and AutomationIJMA
294.   Int. J. of Mechatronics and Manufacturing SystemsIJMMS
295.   Int. J. of Medical Engineering and InformaticsIJMEI
296.   Int. J. of Metadata, Semantics and OntologiesIJMSO
297.   Int. J. of MetaheuristicsIJMHEUR
298.   Int. J. of Microstructure and Materials PropertiesIJMMP
299.   Int. J. of Migration and Border StudiesIJMBS
300.   Int. J. of Migration and Residential MobilityIJMRM
301.   Int. J. of Mining and Mineral EngineeringIJMME
302.   Int. J. of Mobile CommunicationsIJMC
303.   Int. J. of Mobile Learning and OrganisationIJMLO
304.   Int. J. of Mobile Network Design and InnovationIJMNDI
305.   Int. J. of Modelling in Operations ManagementIJMOM
306.   Int. J. of Modelling, Identification and ControlIJMIC
307.   Int. J. of Molecular EngineeringIJME
308.   Int. J. of Monetary Economics and FinanceIJMEF
309.   Int. J. of Multicriteria Decision MakingIJMCDM
310.   Int. J. of Multimedia Intelligence and SecurityIJMIS
311.   Int. J. of Multinational Corporation StrategyIJMCS
312.   Int. J. of Multivariate Data AnalysisIJMDA
313.   Int. J. of Nano and BiomaterialsIJNBM
314.   Int. J. of NanomanufacturingIJNM
315.   Int. J. of NanoparticlesIJNP
316.   Int. J. of NanotechnologyIJNT
317.   Int. J. of Network ScienceIJNS
318.   Int. J. of Networking and Virtual OrganisationsIJNVO
319.   Int. J. of Nonlinear Dynamics and ControlIJNDC
320.   Int. J. of Nuclear Energy Science and TechnologyIJNEST
321.   Int. J. of Nuclear ExergyIJNEX
322.   Int. J. of Nuclear Governance, Economy and EcologyIJNGEE
323.   Int. J. of Nuclear Knowledge ManagementIJNKM
324.   Int. J. of Nuclear LawIJNUCL
325.   Int. J. of Nuclear Safety and SecurityIJNSS
326.   Int. J. of Ocean Systems ManagementIJOSM
327.   Int. J. of Oil, Gas and Coal TechnologyIJOGCT
328.   Int. J. of Operational ResearchIJOR
329.   Int. J. of Organisational Design and EngineeringIJODE
330.   Int. J. of Petroleum EngineeringIJPE
331.   Int. J. of Physiotherapy and Life PhysicsIJPLP
332.   Int. J. of Planning and SchedulingIJPS
333.   Int. J. of Pluralism and Economics EducationIJPEE
334.   Int. J. of Portfolio Analysis and ManagementIJPAM
335.   Int. J. of Postharvest Technology and InnovationIJPTI
336.   Int. J. of Power and Energy ConversionIJPEC
337.   Int. J. of Power ElectronicsIJPELEC
338.   Int. J. of PowertrainsIJPT
339.   Int. J. of Precision TechnologyIJPTECH
340.   Int. J. of Private LawIJPL
341.   Int. J. of Process Management and BenchmarkingIJPMB
342.   Int. J. of Process Systems EngineeringIJPSE
343.   Int. J. of Procurement ManagementIJPM
344.   Int. J. of Product DevelopmentIJPD
345.   Int. J. of Product Lifecycle ManagementIJPLM
346.   Int. J. of Product Sound QualityIJPSQ
347.   Int. J. of Productivity and Quality ManagementIJPQM
348.   Int. J. of Project Organisation and ManagementIJPOM
349.   Int. J. of Public Law and PolicyIJPLAP
350.   Int. J. of Public PolicyIJPP
351.   Int. J. of Public Sector Performance ManagementIJPSPM
352.   Int. J. of Qualitative Information Systems ResearchIJQISR
353.   Int. J. of Qualitative Research in ServicesIJQRS
354.   Int. J. of Quality and InnovationIJQI
355.   Int. J. of Quality Engineering and TechnologyIJQET
356.   Int. J. of Quantitative Research in EducationIJQRE
357.   Int. J. of Radio Frequency Identification Technology and ApplicationsIJRFITA
358.   Int. J. of Rapid ManufacturingIJRAPIDM
359.   Int. J. of Reasoning-based Intelligent SystemsIJRIS
360.   Int. J. of Reliability and SafetyIJRS
361.   Int. J. of RemanufacturingIJREM
362.   Int. J. of Renewable Energy TechnologyIJRET
363.   Int. J. of Research, Innovation and CommercialisationIJRIC
364.   Int. J. of Responsible Management in Emerging EconomiesIJRMEE
365.   Int. J. of Revenue ManagementIJRM
366.   Int. J. of Risk Assessment and ManagementIJRAM
367.   Int. J. of Satellite Communications Policy and ManagementIJSCPM
368.   Int. J. of Security and NetworksIJSN
369.   Int. J. of Semantic and Infrastructure ServicesIJSIS
370.   Int. J. of Sensor NetworksIJSNET
371.   Int. J. of Service and Computing Oriented ManufacturingIJSCOM
372.   Int. J. of Services and Operations ManagementIJSOM
373.   Int. J. of Services and StandardsIJSS
374.   Int. J. of Services Operations and InformaticsIJSOI
375.   Int. J. of Services SciencesIJSSCI
376.   Int. J. of Services Technology and ManagementIJSTM
377.   Int. J. of Services, Economics and ManagementIJSEM
378.   Int. J. of Shipping and Transport LogisticsIJSTL
379.   Int. J. of Signal and Imaging Systems EngineeringIJSISE
380.   Int. J. of Simulation and Process ModellingIJSPM
381.   Int. J. of Six Sigma and Competitive AdvantageIJSSCA
382.   Int. J. of Smart Grid and Green CommunicationsIJSGGC
383.   Int. J. of Smart Technology and LearningIJSMARTTL
384.   Int. J. of Social and Humanistic ComputingIJSHC
385.   Int. J. of Social Computing and Cyber-Physical SystemsIJSCCPS
386.   Int. J. of Social Entrepreneurship and InnovationIJSEI
387.   Int. J. of Social Media and Interactive Learning EnvironmentsIJSMILE
388.   Int. J. of Social Network MiningIJSNM
389.   Int. J. of Society Systems ScienceIJSSS
390.   Int. J. of Soft Computing and NetworkingIJSCN
391.   Int. J. of Software Engineering, Technology and ApplicationsIJSETA
392.   Int. J. of Space Science and EngineeringIJSPACESE
393.   Int. J. of Space-Based and Situated ComputingIJSSC
394.   Int. J. of Spatial, Temporal and Multimedia Information SystemsIJSTMIS
395.   Int. J. of Spatio-Temporal Data ScienceIJSTDS
396.   Int. J. of Sport Management and MarketingIJSMM
397.   Int. J. of Strategic Business AlliancesIJSBA
398.   Int. J. of Strategic Change ManagementIJSCM
399.   Int. J. of Strategic Engineering Asset ManagementIJSEAM
400.   Int. J. of Structural EngineeringIJSTRUCTE
401.   Int. J. of Student Project ReportingIJSPR
402.   Int. J. of Sudan Research, Policy and Sustainable DevelopmentIJSRPSD
403.   Int. J. of Supply Chain and Inventory ManagementIJSCIM
404.   Int. J. of Supply Chain and Operations ResilienceIJSCOR
405.   Int. J. of Surface Science and EngineeringIJSURFSE
406.   Int. J. of Sustainable Agricultural Management and InformaticsIJSAMI
407.   Int. J. of Sustainable AviationIJSA
408.   Int. J. of Sustainable DesignIJSDES
409.   Int. J. of Sustainable DevelopmentIJSD
410.   Int. J. of Sustainable EconomyIJSE
411.   Int. J. of Sustainable ManufacturingIJSM
412.   Int. J. of Sustainable Materials and Structural SystemsIJSMSS
413.   Int. J. of Sustainable Real Estate and Construction EconomicsIJSRECE
414.   Int. J. of Sustainable SocietyIJSSOC
415.   Int. J. of Sustainable Strategic ManagementIJSSM
416.   Int. J. of Swarm IntelligenceIJSI
417.   Int. J. of System Control and Information ProcessingIJSCIP
418.   Int. J. of System of Systems EngineeringIJSSE
419.   Int. J. of Systems, Control and CommunicationsIJSCC
420.   Int. J. of Teaching and Case StudiesIJTCS
421.   Int. J. of TechnoentrepreneurshipIJTE
422.   Int. J. of Technological Learning, Innovation and DevelopmentIJTLID
423.   Int. J. of Technology and GlobalisationIJTG
424.   Int. J. of Technology Enhanced LearningIJTEL
425.   Int. J. of Technology Intelligence and PlanningIJTIP
426.   Int. J. of Technology ManagementIJTM
427.   Int. J. of Technology MarketingIJTMKT
428.   Int. J. of Technology Policy and LawIJTPL
429.   Int. J. of Technology Transfer and CommercialisationIJTTC
430.   Int. J. of Technology, Policy and ManagementIJTPM
431.   Int. J. of Telemedicine and Clinical PracticesIJTMCP
432.   Int. J. of the Built Environment and Asset ManagementIJBEAM
433.   Int. J. of the Digital HumanIJDH
434.   Int. J. of the Energy-Growth NexusIJEGN
435.   Int. J. of Theoretical and Applied Multiscale MechanicsIJTAMM
436.   Int. J. of Tourism AnthropologyIJTA
437.   Int. J. of Tourism PolicyIJTP
438.   Int. J. of Trade and Global MarketsIJTGM
439.   Int. J. of Transitions and Innovation SystemsIJTIS
440.   Int. J. of Trust Management in Computing and CommunicationsIJTMCC
441.   Int. J. of Ultra Wideband Communications and SystemsIJUWBCS
442.   Int. J. of Value Chain ManagementIJVCM
443.   Int. J. of Vehicle Autonomous SystemsIJVAS
444.   Int. J. of Vehicle DesignIJVD
445.   Int. J. of Vehicle Information and Communication SystemsIJVICS
446.   Int. J. of Vehicle Noise and VibrationIJVNV
447.   Int. J. of Vehicle PerformanceIJVP
448.   Int. J. of Vehicle SafetyIJVS
449.   Int. J. of Vehicle Systems Modelling and TestingIJVSMT
450.   Int. J. of Virtual Technology and MultimediaIJVTM
451.   Int. J. of WaterIJW
452.   Int. J. of Web and Grid ServicesIJWGS
453.   Int. J. of Web Based CommunitiesIJWBC
454.   Int. J. of Web Engineering and TechnologyIJWET
455.   Int. J. of Web ScienceIJWS
456.   Int. J. of Wireless and Mobile ComputingIJWMC
457.   Int. J. of Work InnovationIJWI
458.   Int. J. of Work Organisation and EmotionIJWOE
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