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Inderscience offers three updating services using RSS feeds:

  • Table of Contents of the latest issue of individual journals - to monitor new articles in only those journals of interest

  • Newly published articles from all journals - to see all new articles. This is useful if your interests are broad or topics of interest appear in many journals.

  • Calls for Papers for special issues to be published by Inderscience.

The XML icon or RSS icon icons throughout the website identify that an RSS feed is available. Each icon has a URL link to its feed.:

Tables of Contents: Find the URL on the particular journal home page

New Articles URL: RSS icon

Call for Papers URL: RSS icon

Click on the icon (on a journal homepage you can also click on the ‘Latest TOC’ link), or copy the underlying URL and follow the appropriate procedures to add the feed to the list of RSS feeds in your feedreader.

Advanced users of RSS feeds may be interested to know that a complete file of Table of Contents newsfeeds is accessible as an OPML file from

About RSS

RSS is technology that allows the latest content or headlines from a blog and other changing Web pages (e.g. news sites, newsletters, magazines, lists of resources, etc.) to be viewed in a software application called a feedreader or newsreader. Links will be given to the full article, news item or whatever is being monitored. You can thus monitor many sources from the one application.


There are many types of feedreader:

Web browsers
Major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera can read RSS feeds.

Software is available for PDAs, Blackberries and mobile phones.
You can view lists of software here.

Web-based services, for example



Google Reader

NewsGator Online


Personal home pages can include RSS feeds, for example


To get started

Install a RSS feedreader and then follow the instructions for adding the URL for the feed you want – this is usually a matter of pasting the URL into a subscription page. The reader will automatically check your subscribed services for updates, usually every few hours.

General information on RSS

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