Environment of International Management in Europe

  • Globalisation and European developments
  • Political and legal environments in Europe and their influence on managerial practices
  • Social responsibility and European organisations
  • European approach to ethical issues in management

International Strategy

  • Foreign market selection
  • Foreign market entry modes
  • Internationalisation of European SMEs
  • Strategic alliances and foreign direct investment in Europe or by European companies

International HRM

  • Recruiting and selecting staff for international assignments
  • Training and development
  • Re-entry and career issues
  • HRM in the host-country environment

Cross-cultural Management

  • Management in the unified Europe
  • Cultural diversity in Europe and its managerial implications
  • Cross-cultural communication within and with Europe
  • Cross-cultural negotiation styles


  • Leadership across cultures
  • Leadership styles and their implications
  • Global vs. local leadership
  • Leadership development