Title Author(s) Vol. & Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Critical factors in information technology capability for enhancing firm's environmental performance: case of Indonesian ICT sectorDarius Antoni; Ferry Jie; Ahmad AbareshiVol.14 No.3159 - 181free access
Analysis of agile supply chain enablers for an Indian manufacturing organisationBharat Singh Patel; Atul Kumar Tiwari; Manish Kumar; Cherian Samuel; Goutam SutarVol.14 No.31 - 27free access
A framework to promote social sustainability in industry 4.0Alessandra Papetti; Monica Pandolfi; Margherita Peruzzini; Michele GermaniVol.14 No.3233 - 257free access
Firm's supply chain agility enabling resilience and performance in turmoil timesMarcelo Bronzo Ladeira; Marcos Paulo Valadares De Oliveira; Paulo Renato De Sousa; Marcelo Werneck BarbosaVol.14 No.3224 - 253free access
Performance metrics in scrum software engineering companiesFernando Almeida; Pedro CarneiroVol.14 No.3205 - 223free access