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International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNET)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Robust FIR and IIR filter design for uncertain multirate systems under wireless network environmentShouyi Liao; Huaping Liu; Yucai ZhouVol.20 No.154-61Free access
A distributed semantic filtering model based on approximate automata for heterogeneous multi-sensor networksTong Wang; Xueling Tao; Yucai Zhou; Pengcheng Li; Chunhui ZhaoVol.20 No.146-53Free access
Fault-tolerant multi-path routing protocol for WSN based on HEEDYucai Zhou; Xinhua Wang; Tong Wang; Bingyi Liu; Weixin SunVol.20 No.137-45Free access
Water quality monitoring using STORM 3 Data Loggers and a wireless sensor networkBo Sun; Farhad Ahmed; Frank Sun; Qin Qian; Yang XiaoVol.20 No.126-36Free access
Rest with eyes open: stochastic target coverage in wireless sensor networks with data fusionPan Wu; Xiaobing Wu; Guihai ChenVol.20 No.116-25Free access
Upper bounds on lifetime of three-dimensional UWB sensor networks of multi-source, multi-destinationJuan Xu; Binbin Lv; Celimuge Wu; Jing ZhouVol.20 No.19-15Free access
Developing a WSN internet gateway for an African contextG. De Villiers; A. Van der Byl; R.H. WilkinsonVol.20 No.11-8Free access