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International Journal of Security and Networks (IJSN)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A beacon-free localisation algorithm in wireless sensor networksLi Jian Chen; Wei Yuan Zhou; Keji Mao; Ming Xia; Ruo Hong HuanVol.12 No.156-63Free access
A RFID-based prisoner localisation systemWei Yuan Zhou; Li Jian Chen; Keji Mao; Ming Xia; Ruo Hong HuanVol.12 No.151-55Free access
A novel modular wireless sensor networks approach for security applicationsMaria Charalampidou; George Pavlidis; Spyridon G. MouroutsosVol.12 No.140-50Free access
Secure android covert channel with robust survivability to service provider restrictionsAvinash Srinivasan; Jie Wu; Justin ShiVol.12 No.127-39Free access
Anomaly-based network IDS false alarm filter using cluster-based alarm classification approachQais Saif Qassim; Abdullah Mohd Zin; Mohd Juzaiddin Ab AzizVol.12 No.113-26Free access
SocioBot: a Twitter-based botnetIsmeet Kaur Makkar; Fabio Di Troia; Corrado Aaron Visaggio; Thomas H. Austin; Mark StampVol.12 No.11-12Free access