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International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering (IJSISE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Evolutionary structure of hidden Markov models for audio-visual Arabic speech recognitionAmina Makhlouf; Lilia Lazli; Bachir BensakerVol.9 No.155-66Free access
Multiple chaotic maps based secure measurement matrix generation for multimedia compressive sensingSudhish N. George; Deepthi P. PattathilVol.9 No.138-54Free access
Design of FRM-based MDFT filter banks in the canonic signed digit space using modified meta-heuristic algorithmsT.S. Bindiya; Elizabeth EliasVol.9 No.120-37Free access
An extension to switching bilateral filter for mixed noise removal from colour imageAjay Kumar Nain; Shailender Gupta; Bharat BhushanVol.9 No.11-19Free access