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International Journal of Social and Humanistic Computing (IJSHC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Enhancing human rights: computer and information technologies with access for allMaria Barile; Catherine S. Fichten; Jennison V. AsuncionVol.1 No.4396-407Free access
Socially aware computing constructsAndry Rakotonirainy; Patricia Obst; Seng W. LokeVol.1 No.4375-395Free access
Case study in using Web 2.0 tools by Greek educatorsJohn Vrettaros; Alexandros Tagoulis; Niki Giannopoulou; Athanasios DrigasVol.1 No.4363-374Free access
Eight steps towards the socialisation of the Semantic WebJorge Morato; Anabel Fraga; Yorgos Andreadakis; Sonia Sanchez-CuadradoVol.1 No.4347-362Free access