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International Journal of Software Engineering, Technology and Applications (IJSETA)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Dynamic inheritance coupling metric-design and analysis for assessing reusabilityNeha Gehlot; Jagdeep KaurVol.1 No.1118-133Free access
Design and development of dependency analysis tool (DA-OOP) for an object oriented programmeRatneshwer; Guru Prasad Bhandari; Kul Bahadur ChhetriVol.1 No.1102-117Free access
Availability analysis for embedded system with N-version programming using fuzzy approachManju Kaushik; Gireesh Kumar; Preeti; Richa SharmaVol.1 No.190-101Free access
Automated generation of pervasive systems architectures: a detailed empirical evaluationMostafa A. Hamza; Sherif G. Aly; Maged ElaasarVol.1 No.164-89Free access
A design pattern for real time progress monitoring of a time-intensive process in a stateless software applicationMd. Mohaimenuzzaman; S.M. Monzurur RahmanVol.1 No.153-63Free access
Design and application of distributed containers in a CPS software control libraryDamian Dechev; Pierre LaBordeVol.1 No.12-52Free access