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International Journal of Service and Computing Oriented Manufacturing (IJSCOM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Precision coupling system modelling based on rough set and support vector machineJian-wei Ma; Fu-ji Wang; Zhen-yuan Jia; Wei LiuVol.1 No.192-102Free access
On the research and design of automobile hinge production logistics system based on extensive flowYude Dong; Linglan Wang; Qinqin Sun; Xien He; Cunmei Hu; Zhong Wu; Maochang Hu; Yi Yao; Shoufeng ShenVol.1 No.181-91Free access
Parametric modelling on prediction of surface finish in turning of difficult-to-machine steelsM. Anthony XaviorVol.1 No.161-80Free access
An order tracking system in dynamic virtual enterprise based on SaaS and web serviceJianhua Jiang; Ying Zuo; Yue ZhangVol.1 No.140-60Free access
Embracing knowledge driven devices: service oriented standardisation of production management in automated linesMuhammad Baqar Raza; Tom Kirkham; Robert HarrisonVol.1 No.125-39Free access
Modelling abrupt changes: enhanced learning of behaviour models for manufacturing systemsAsmir VodenčarevićVol.1 No.15-24Free access