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International Journal of Service and Computing Oriented Manufacturing (IJSCOM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Modelling and preliminary results of a tri-ellipsoid unmanned autonomous airshipEnhao Zheng; Jingeng MaiVol.2 No.184-101Free access
Synthetic aperture radar raw signal simulation based on inverse chirp scaling algorithmXiaojuan Cheng; Qingzhen Zhang; Fei TaoVol.2 No.167-83Free access
ABC algorithm with bees having quantum behaviour for constrained optimisationLin Cheng; Hailian Dong; Qingzhen Zhang; Zhenghong LiuVol.2 No.150-66Free access
A framework for video transcoding and management in cloud manufacturingJian Zhou; Ying ZuoVol.2 No.133-49Free access
The impact of external disturbances on the performance of a cellular manufacturing systemSameh M. SaadVol.2 No.11-32Free access