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International Journal of Process Systems Engineering (IJPSE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Configurations for multiple thermal energy storages in thermal networksBehnaz Rezaie; Bale V. Reddy; Marc A. RosenVol.3 No.1/2/3191-206Free access
Analytical and experimental investigation of thermal efficiency improvement of thermochemical water splitting for hydrogen productionSamane Ghandehariun; Marc A. Rosen; Greg F. Naterer; Zhaolin WangVol.3 No.1/2/3181-190Free access
Economic and environmental analysis of a green energy hub with energy storage under fixed and variable pricing structuresDaniel Van Lanen; Jennifer Cocking; Sean B. Walker; Michael Fowler; Roydon Fraser; Steven B. Young; Leila Ahmadi; Alan Thai; Jake Yeung; Arthur YipVol.3 No.1/2/3158-180Free access
Smart grids vs. storage managementRon Tolmie; Marc A. RosenVol.3 No.1/2/3149-157Free access
Heat management in a campus cafeteria with optimal insulation thickness for thermal comfort of a space-variant manikinIdris B. Seidu; Emmanuel O.B. Ogedengbe; Marc A. RosenVol.3 No.1/2/3126-148Free access
Automotive underbody diffuser for battery thermal managementRocky Khasow; Martin Agelin-ChaabVol.3 No.1/2/3110-125Free access
Robust hydro-thermal power system controller considering energy capacitor system and wind power sourceThongchart Kerdphol; Yaser Soilman Qudaih; Khairudin H. Basri; Yasunori MitaniVol.3 No.1/2/390-109Free access
Incentives for the reuse of electric vehicle batteries for load-shifting in residencesSean B. Walker; Catherine Heymans; Michael Fowler; Steven B. Young; Roydon Fraser; Daniel Van LanenVol.3 No.1/2/370-89Free access
Energy and exergy analyses of power generation via an integrated biomass post-firing combined-cycleHassan Athari; Saeed Soltani; Seyed Mohammad Seyed Mahmoudi; Marc A. Rosen; Tatiana MorosukVol.3 No.1/2/357-69Free access
Improving the accuracy of the single diode PV modelsYousef Mahmoud; Ehab F. El-SaadanyVol.3 No.1/2/342-56Free access
gpuMF: a framework for parallel hybrid metaheuristics on GPU with application to the minimisation of harmonics in multilevel invertersVincent Roberge; Mohammed Tarbouchi; Francis OkouVol.3 No.1/2/320-41Free access
Single phase low THD optimised inverter for PV voltage regulationAntonio Valderrabano-Gonzalez; Francisco Beltran-Carbajal; Ruben Tapia-Olvera; Julio Cesar Rosas-Caro; Hossam A. Gabbar; Adel M. SharafVol.3 No.1/2/33-19Free access