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International Journal of Planning and Scheduling (IJPS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Scheduling in stochastic bicriteria single machine systems with set-up timesH.M. SoroushVol.1 No.1/2109-145Free access
Single-batch lot streaming in a two-stage assembly systemSubhash C. Sarin; Liming Yao; Dan TrietschVol.1 No.1/290-108Free access
Production planning with load-dependent lead times and safety stocks for a single productAshwin Ravindran; Karl G. Kempf; Reha UzsoyVol.1 No.1/258-89Free access
Inter-domain translational research on planning and scheduling: operating rooms vs. job shopsKenneth N. McKayVol.1 No.1/242-57Free access
Strongly Fully Polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for the two-parallel capacitated machines scheduling problemImed Kacem; Yann Lanuel; Myriam SahnouneVol.1 No.1/232-41Free access
A Meta-RaPS algorithm for spatial scheduling with release timesChristopher Garcia; Ghaith RabadiVol.1 No.1/219-31Free access
Solving sequencing problems in spreadsheetsKenneth R. BakerVol.1 No.1/23-18Free access