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International Journal of Public Law and Policy (IJPLAP)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
(Inter)national standards on money laundering with regard to the FATF recommendationNaledi Thabang Masete; Jacques Clarence DuvenhageVol.4 No.188-102Free access
Deepening regional integration and organising world trade: the limits of ECOWASOyeniyi O. AbeVol.4 No.171-87Free access
An analysis of the 'know your customer' policy as an effective tool to combat money laundering: is it about who or what to know that counts?Maphuti Tuba; Chinelle Van der WesthuizenVol.4 No.153-70Free access
The evolution of the Indonesian Ombudsman SystemSusi Dwi HarijantiVol.4 No.137-52Free access
The corporate governance perils of Zimbabwe's Indigenisation Economic Empowerment Act 17 of 2007Aubrey SibandaVol.4 No.124-36Free access
The state offensiveness in the international system: a theoretical discussion on political realismEvaghoras L. EvaghorouVol.4 No.114-23Free access
The BRICS Countries as a legal dynamic network and the multilevel 'hard' EU regional structure - a comparative surveyMichele Carducci; Anna Silvia BrunoVol.4 No.11-13Free access