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International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organisations (IJNVO)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Serious games and active healthy ageing: a pilot usability testing of existing gamesAung Pyae; Reetta Raitoharju; Mika Luimula; Paula Pitkäkangas; Jouni SmedVol.16 No.1103-120Free access
FirstAED emergency dispatch, global positioning of community first responders with distinct roles - a solution to reduce the response times and ensuring an AED to early defibrillation in the rural area LangelandFinn Lund Henriksen; Per Schorling; Bruno Hansen; Henrik Schakow; Mogens Lytken LarsenVol.16 No.186-102Free access
Information flow and situational awareness in emergency medical dispatch Teija Norri-Sederholm; Juhani Seppälä; Kaija Saranto; Heikki PaakkonenVol.16 No.172-85Free access
The creation of inter-organisational IT governance for social welfare and healthcare IT - lessons from a case studyTomi DahlbergVol.16 No.138-71Free access
The influence process of electronic word-of-mouth on traveller's visit intention: a conceptual frameworkPing WangVol.16 No.125-37Free access
Communicating diabetes and diets on Twitter - a semantic content analysisKristina Eriksson-Backa; Kim Holmberg; Stefan EkVol.16 No.18-24Free access