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International Journal of Metaheuristics (IJMHEUR)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Multiobjective evolutionary algorithms for the taxi sharing problemRenzo Massobrio; Gabriel Fagúndez; Sergio NesmachnowVol.5 No.167-90Free access
Simultaneous feature selection and parameter optimisation of support vector machine using adaptive particle swarm gravitational search algorithmMalek Sarhani; Abdellatif El AfiaVol.5 No.151-66Free access
Comparison of two metaheuristics to solve a 2-D cutting stock problem with set-up cost in the paper industryStéphane Bonnevay; Gérald Gavin; Philippe AubertinVol.5 No.131-50Free access
A multi-objective dynamic programming-based metaheuristic to solve a bi-objective unit commitment problem using a multi-objective decoderSophie Jacquin; Laetitia Jourdan; El-Ghazali TalbiVol.5 No.13-30Free access