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International Journal of Multinational Corporation Strategy (IJMCS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The spatial distribution of foreign direct investment in R&D within host countries. An empirical examination of foreign subsidiaries in SpainAdelheid Holl; Ruth RamaVol.1 No.165-86Free access
An examination of cross-cultural differences in e-service quality, e-satisfaction and e-marketing success: Korean vs. American portal sitesQingji Fan; Hye-Ran Kim; Jeoung Yul LeeVol.1 No.144-64Free access
Asymmetric effect of institutional distance: MNE subsidiaries' bribery in transition economiesKyeungrae OhVol.1 No.118-43Free access
The future journey of International Journal of Multinational Corporation StrategyByung Il ParkVol.1 No.11-17Free access