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International Journal of Internet of Things and Cyber-Assurance (IJITCA)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A study of security and privacy issues associated with the Amazon EchoCatherine Jackson; Angela OrebaughVol.1 No.191-100Free access
Towards trusted mobile payment services: a security analysis on Apple PayAshay S. Jawale; Joon S. ParkVol.1 No.176-90Free access
Internet of things: a survey of challenges and issuesQusay Idrees SarhanVol.1 No.140-75Free access
Main factors and good practices for managing BYOD and IoT risks in a K-12 environmentOluwaseun Akeju; Sergey Butakov; Shaun AghiliVol.1 No.122-39Free access
Semantically enabling IoT trust to ensure and secure deployment of IoT entitiesKonstantinos Kotis; Iraklis Athanasakis; George A. VourosVol.1 No.13-21Free access