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International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development (IJISD)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mathematical modelling of surface tension effects in liquid wall filmsJakov Baleta; Milan Vujanović; Neven DuićVol.11 No.185-99Free access
Robust optimal model for sustainable joint production of green tea and paddy rice in Japanese agricultural watershedsGoden Mabaya; Koichi Unami; Junichiro Takeuchi; Masayuki Fujihara; Hidekazu YoshiokaVol.11 No.169-84Free access
Definition of optimum basic nutrients ratio in media for bioethanol production with immobilised yeast cellsZorana Rončević; Jelena Dodić; Jovana Grahovac; Siniša Dodić; Bojana Bajić; Damjan Vučurović; Ivana TadijanVol.11 No.153-68Free access
Scenario analysis of the Jakarta Coastal Defence Strategy: sustainable indicators impact assessmentAkhmad Hidayatno; Aninditha Kemala Dinianyadharani; Aziiz SutrisnoVol.11 No.137-52Free access
Adoption factors for green brick innovation: an empirical study of consumers in IndiaM.I.M. Loya; A.M. RawaniVol.11 No.123-36Free access
Corporate social responsibility representation of the German water-supply and distribution companies: from colourful to barren landscapesMarlen G. ArnoldVol.11 No.11-22Free access