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International Journal of Internet Manufacturing and Services (IJIMS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Establishing a factory simulation system for cloud-based simulation servicesTin-Chih Toly Chen; Yu-Cheng Wang; Abbas Al-RefaieVol.4 No.162-72Free access
Development of location-based services for recommending departure stations to park and ride users: a noteTin-Chih Toly Chen; Katsuhiro Honda; Yu-Cheng WangVol.4 No.154-61Free access
Uniform parallel machine scheduling problems with a truncation sum-of-logarithm-processing-times-based learning effectYang-Kuei Lin; Wei-Hsiang ChuangVol.4 No.137-53Free access
The impact of IT implementation on quality of shared information and its effect on firm performance: evidence from ChinaJunya Cai; Xinghua DangVol.4 No.114-36Free access
Semantic web service discovery in a mobile environmentSofien KhemakhemVol.4 No.11-13Free access