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International Journal of Internet Manufacturing and Services (IJIMS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Modelling machining capabilities of an industrial product service system for a machine toolQiqi Zhu, Pingyu Jiang, Mei Zheng, Dinghong ZhangVol.2 No.2203-213Free access
Study on productivity of homogeneous group using social network analysisGuojun Zhang, Honghui Zhan, Xinyu Shao, Haiping ZhuVol.2 No.2186-202Free access
Developing an assessment tool for innovation of product and service systemsRosanna Fornasiero, Marzio SorliniVol.2 No.2166-185Free access
A qualitative analysis on cross-culture communication and its context perception in collaborative work processesZi LiuVol.2 No.2156-165Free access
Distributed collaborative system of product designing and manufacturing based on grid servicesC.L. Sun, H. Gao, D.M. GuoVol.2 No.2142-155Free access
Product service relationship: defining, modelling and evaluatingHuibin SunVol.2 No.2128-141Free access
A rule language and framework for RFID data capture and processing in manufacturing enterprise systemXiaoyong Su, Rajit GadhVol.2 No.2111-127Free access