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International Journal of Information and Coding Theory (IJICOT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Updatable encryption in distributed storage systems using key-homomorphic pseudorandom functionsJhordany Rodriguez Parra; Terence H. Chan; Siu-wai HoVol.3 No.4365-391Free access
Cyclic LRC codes, binary LRC codes, and upper bounds on the distance of cyclic codesItzhak Tamo; Alexander Barg; Sreechakra Goparaju; Robert CalderbankVol.3 No.4345-364Free access
Integrated interleaved codes as locally recoverable codes: properties and performanceMario Blaum; Steven R. HetzlerVol.3 No.4324-344Free access
Cooperative repair of multiple node failures in distributed storage systemsKenneth W. Shum; Junyu ChenVol.3 No.4299-323Free access
Outer bounds on the storage-repair bandwidth trade-off of exact-repair regenerating codesBirenjith Sasidharan; N. Prakash; M. Nikhil Krishnan; Myna Vajha; Kaushik Senthoor; P. Vijay KumarVol.3 No.4255-298Free access