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International Journal of Green Economics (IJGE)

Title Author(s) Vol. & Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Green Economics: setting the scene. Aims, context, and philosophical underpinning of the distinctive new solutions offered by Green EconomicsMiriam Kennet, Volker HeinemannVol.1 No.1/268-102Free access
Comments on 'Green economics: setting the scene. Aims, context, and philosophical underpinnings of the distinctive new solutions offered by green economics'Jack ReardonVol.1 No.3/4532-538Free access
Editorial: progress in Green Economics: ontology, concepts and philosophy. Civilisation and the lost factor of reality in social and environmental justiceMiriam KennetVol.1 No.3/4225-249Free access
Patriarchy and accumulation on a world scale – revisited. (Keynote lecture at the Green Economics Institute, Reading, 29 October 2005)Maria MiesVol.1 No.3/4268-275Free access
Growing the green economy – globallyHazel HendersonVol.1 No.3/4276-298Free access
Urbanisation and global environmental change: new intergenerational challengesDavid SimonVol.1 No.3/4299-306Free access
Economics is philosophy, economics is not scienceRupert ReadVol.1 No.3/4307-325Free access
Current developments in international trade – an opportunity for a new progressive approach in economic policiesVolker HeinemannVol.1 No.3/4351-373Free access
Towards a model of green political economy: from ecological modernisation to economic securityJohn BarryVol.1 No.3/4446-464Free access