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International Journal of Computational Systems Engineering (IJCSYSE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
An improved fuzzy cellular neural network (IFCNN) for an edge detection based on parallel RK(5,6) approachSukumar Senthilkumar; Abd Rahni Mt PiahVol.1 No.170-78Free access
New approach for flexible query using the knowledge discovered in large databaseAmel Grissa Touzi; Habib OunalliVol.1 No.158-69Free access
Discrimination between inrush and fault condition in transformer: a probabilistic neural network approachS.R. Paraskar; M.A. Beg; G.M. DholeVol.1 No.150-57Free access
Expert locator using concept linkingV. Senthil Kumaran; A. SankarVol.1 No.142-49Free access
An intelligent system to boost the recommendation for individual and group users in mobile marketplaceAmer A. Sallam; Siba K. Udgata; Vineet PadmanabhanVol.1 No.133-41Free access
A Hindi speech recognition system for connected words using HTKKuldeep Kumar; R.K. Aggarwal; Ankita JainVol.1 No.125-32Free access
Rules mining from multi-layered neural networksS.M. Monzurur Rahman; Md. Faisal Kabir; F.A. SiddikyVol.1 No.113-24Free access
Modelling of asset integrity management process: a case study for computing operational integrity preference weightsR.M. Chandima RatnayakeVol.1 No.13-12Free access