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International Journal of Convergence Computing (IJCONVC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Credit games of Taobao buyers and sellersYang Ying; Hong-Jian QuVol.1 No.197-107Free access
Impact discussion of curve fitting on turbulence locus structuringZhongwei Liang; Xiaochu Liu; Bangyan Ye; Bihong XieVol.1 No.186-96Free access
Analysis of interference between TD-SCDMA and WCDMAChang-peng Ji; Yun-fei HuangVol.1 No.173-85Free access
Multiple distortion pooling image quality assessmentPrateek Gupta; Neha Tripathi; Vikrant BhatejaVol.1 No.160-72Free access
Adaptive anisotropic diffusion filter for speckle noise reduction for ultrasound imagesMohammad Motiur Rahman; Mithun Kumar PK.; Abdul Aziz; Md. Gauhar Arefin; Mohammad Shorif UddinVol.1 No.150-59Free access
A robust approach for denoising and enhancement of mammographic images contaminated with high density impulse noiseAkshat Jain; Sonam Singh; Vikrant BhatejaVol.1 No.138-49Free access
Prediction of liver cirrhosis based on multiresolution texture descriptors from B-mode ultrasoundJitendra Virmani; Vinod Kumar; Naveen Kalra; Niranjan KhandelwalVol.1 No.119-37Free access
Intima-media thickness estimation by back propagation algorithmV. Savithri; S. PurushothamanVol.1 No.13-18Free access