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International Journal of Critical Infrastructures (IJCIS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Risk assessment and management for interconnected critical infrastructure systems at the site and regional levels in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin DeltaEmery Roe; Robert G. Bea; Sebastiaan N. Jonkman; H. Faucher De Corn; Howard Foster; John Radke; Paul Schulman; Rune StoresundVol.12 No.1/2143-174Free access
Index of network resilience for urban water distribution systemsArka Pandit; John C. CrittendenVol.12 No.1/2120-142Free access
Physical and behavioural determinants of resilience in the transportation system: a case study of vehicle electrification and trip prioritisationBrandon M. Marshall; Kevin M. Bolon; Jarod C. Kelly; Gregory A. KeoleianVol.12 No.1/2104-119Free access
Resilience and robustness in long-term planning of the national energy and transportation systemEduardo Ibanez; Steven Lavrenz; Konstantina Gkritza; Diego A. Mejia-Giraldo; Venkat Krishnan; James D. McCalley; Arun K. SomaniVol.12 No.1/282-103Free access
Fusing data in adaptive agent control systems for electrical gridsArnold B. UrkenVol.12 No.1/253-81Free access
Optimal placement and sizing of microgrids in composite reliability of a deregulated power systemQ. Chen; L. MiliVol.12 No.1/237-52Free access
Modelling infrastructure interdependencies, resiliency and sustainabilityTri-Dung Nguyen; Ximing Cai; Yanfeng Ouyang; Mashor HoushVol.12 No.1/24-36Free access