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International Journal of Business Competition and Growth (IJBCG)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Quantifying executive threats: shareholder litigationAndrew D. BanasiewiczVol.4 No.1/298-114Free access
Profit persistence in emerging markets: empirical evidence from Indian banking sectorDinesh Jaisinghani; Deepak Tandon; D.K. BatraVol.4 No.1/279-97Free access
Influence of materialism and money attitudes on credit card useArpita KhareVol.4 No.1/257-78Free access
Singapore as an accountancy hub - a Porter's Diamond perspectiveBoon Seng Tan; Yew Kee HoVol.4 No.1/244-56Free access
Effect on stakeholders' perception of CSR: analysis of information dynamics through social mediaAndrée Marie López-Fernández; RajagopalVol.4 No.1/224-43Free access
Competition barriers and foreign subsidiary growth: propositions on the contextual role of strategic orientationAnders Pehrsson; Tobias PehrssonVol.4 No.1/23-23Free access