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International Journal of Aviation Management (IJAM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Identification of key aircraft and operational parameters affecting airport chargesKay Plötner; Philipp Wesseler; Peter PhlepsVol.2 No.1/291-115Free access
Emissions of greenhouse gases: Brazilian air transportation sectorBruno Luis De Carvalho da Costa; Fabiene Cristina De Carvalho da CostaVol.2 No.1/280-90Free access
Determining factors in airport baggage claim level of serviceGiovanna Miceli Ronzani Borille; Anderson Ribeiro CorreiaVol.2 No.1/266-79Free access
An investigation of airline service quality and passenger satisfaction - the case of China Eastern Airlines in Wuhan regionHongwei JiangVol.2 No.1/254-65Free access
Domestic airline networks and passenger demand in Thailand after deregulationPhimphorn Sowawattanakul; Winai WongsurawatVol.2 No.1/235-53Free access
Measuring success: the search for assessment criteria in determining the impact of deregulation in regional aviationTarryn Kille; Paul Bates; Patrick S. MurrayVol.2 No.1/24-34Free access