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International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems (IJAACS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Formal framework for defining trust in multi-organisation environmentKhalifa Toumi; César Andrés; Ana CavalliVol.9 No.1/2164-178Free access
A TCP-friendly AQM algorithm to mitigate low-rate DDoS attacksJiarun Lin; Changwang Zhang; Zhiping Cai; Qiang Liu; Jianping YinVol.9 No.1/2149-163Free access
A hash-based algorithm for measuring cardinality distribution in network trafficWeijiang Liu; Chao Liu; Shuming GuoVol.9 No.1/2136-148Free access
Towards connectivity-aware deployment and adjustment for roadside unitsJiafeng Hu; Beihong Jin; Fusang Zhang; Zhaoyang Wang; Yuwei YangVol.9 No.1/2119-135Free access
Performance analysis of a hierarchical switched network architectureJingguo Ge; Junling You; Yulei Wu; Yuepeng EVol.9 No.1/2103-118Free access
Wake-up radio implementation for internet of thingsMikko Valta; Pekka Koskela; Jouni HiltunenVol.9 No.1/285-102Free access
CH-CSMA-CA: a MAC protocol for asynchronous channel hopping rendezvous in 802.11 DCF-based cognitive radio networksQuan Liu; Xiaodong Wang; Xingming ZhouVol.9 No.1/271-84Free access
ROI extraction based on visual salience and visual evaluationZailiang Chen; Huajie Huang; Hailan Shen; Beiji Zou; Jiang WangVol.9 No.1/257-70Free access
Hierarchical routing algorithm for ad hoc networks using mobile VMNGuofeng Yan; Yuxing Peng; Junyi Liu; Shuhong ChenVol.9 No.1/240-56Free access
Heterogeneous educational resource recommender system based on user preferences Karim Alinani; Annadil Alinani; Xiangyong Liu; Guojun WangVol.9 No.1/220-39Free access
Multicast tree construction: a nodes' relative leaving probability algorithm based on NICE in ALMJianqun Cui; Kuan Gao; YongJia Ye; Jing Fan; Libing Wu; Yi YangVol.9 No.1/24-19Free access