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International Journal of Operational Research (IJOR)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Reliability modelling of a parallel system with maximum operation and repair timesS.C. Malik; R. RatheeVol.25 No.1131-142Free access
Critical chain scheduling: a new approach for feeding buffer sizingHosein Iranmanesh; Fatemeh Mansourian; Samaneh KouchakiVol.25 No.1114-130Free access
An improved mathematical programming formulation and application of multi-attribute choice behaviourSoumojit Kumar; Ashis Kumar ChatterjeeVol.25 No.1100-113Free access
An integrated methodology of FTA and fuzzy AHP for risk assessment in green supply chainSachin Kumar Mangla; Pradeep Kumar; Mukesh Kumar BaruaVol.25 No.177-99Free access
Analysis of MAP/G/1/N queue with two phases of service under single (multiple) vacation(s)A. Senthil Vadivu; R. ArumuganathanVol.25 No.147-76Free access
An adaptive crossover genetic algorithm with simulated annealing for multi mode resource constrained project scheduling with discounted cash flowsVijay S. Bilolikar; Karuna Jain; Mahesh SharmaVol.25 No.128-46Free access
Bilevel linear programming with fuzzy random variables through absolute deviation minimisation Masatoshi Sakawa; Takeshi MatsuiVol.25 No.11-27Free access