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  • ...and they lived luxury ever after: Storytelling as a driver for luxury brand perception and consumer behavior   Order a copy of this article
    by Jan C.L. König, Janina Haase, Nadine Hennigs, Klaus-Peter Wiedmann 
    Abstract: Storytelling has become increasingly of interest for marketing and management in the last years and promises both aesthetic design and effecting consumers perception of fashion brands positively. Nevertheless, the complexity of story design, still being rather focused by the humanities, and its effective adaption for luxury fashion brands regarding value perception and related behavioral consequences are still poorly understood and have not been explored so far. The particular value of our study is to present and empirically verify design elements of storytelling with respect to theoretical narrative approaches, which may have specific impact on certain luxury values and their causal effects on luxury fashion consumption. Our results reflect remarkable implications for luxury brand management as well as future research in luxury fashion, brand management, and marketing storytelling. A luxury company may stimulate purchase behavior with a storytelling campaign. Nevertheless our study proved that a rather appropriate design, respecting research approaches of narratology, is able to increase the impact on consumers perception and behavioral outcome.
    Keywords: Storytelling; Luxury Brand Management; Customer Perceived Value; Luxury Consumption.

  • I Shop Therefore I Am: Social and Psychological Transformations in Conspicuous Consumption   Order a copy of this article
    by Hadeer Hammad, Noha El-Bassiouny 
    Abstract: The current research aims at conceptualizing the multi-faceted relationship between conspicuous consumption and associated social and psychological transformation processes. The study aims to expand the understanding of the compensatory account of conspicuous consumption and the role of self-compassion as a coping mechanism against experiences of insecurities and threats. The paper puts forth several propositions to guide future research efforts at the overlap between conspicuous consumption and its socio-psychological implications. The paper provides insights about how materialistic tendencies play a compensatory role in responding to self-threats. The paper suggests that promoting self-compassion would act as an antidote against materialistic orientations.
    Keywords: Conspicuous Consumption; Compensatory Consumption; Social Transformations; Psychological Transformations; Self-Compassion and Materialism.