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  • Uncertainties in Socially Responsible Design: A Consequentialist Approach   Order a copy of this article
    by Anders Haug, Jacob Busch 
    Abstract: In recent decades, a plethora of books and papers on socially responsible design has emerged. This literature, however, is far from having solved the environmental and social problems faced by the world today. More specifically, although socially responsible design initiatives may have the best intentions, they often have minimal, if any, positive impact. A central reason for this is the uncertainties associated with the effects of such designs, which is also often used as an argument against initiating more ambitious projects. To be able to choose a more ambitious path, we need to better understand the uncertainties associated with socially responsible designs and to reconsider the ethical assumptions guiding our choices. This issue is addressed by defining a framework for understanding uncertainties associated with such projects and by arguing for a consequentialist ethics to govern socially responsible design.
    Keywords: socially responsible design; sustainable design; design ethics; uncertainty; risk; product design.

  • DIY MATERIALS FROM POTATO SKIN WASTE FOR DESIGN   Order a copy of this article
    by Carlo Santulli, Carla Langella, Clarita Caliendo 
    Abstract: This work concerns the creation of a wall display for fruits, made in a DIY material structure, as the result of a material tinkering process over waste to enable understanding possible application in a design context. The material and object is obtained starting from potato skins, as an example of waste very frequent in the food processing chain, in most local contexts. The display is specifically designed in a double layer configuration, partially translucent, colored with food dyes and aromatized during the experimentation phase to ensure its suitability to the purpose. Some basic characterization tests were also performed to allow for the possible development of a customized product from this material demonstrator. The process, in giving some value to a typical and very diffuse food chain waste, would therefore guarantee the upcycling of the relevant refuse. The structure is intended for application into a context of farm holiday site and aimed at presenting local products, ideally coming from the very farm fields involved.
    Keywords: Potato skin waste; material tinkering; fruit display; DIY material.