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  • Using Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to Improve Operational Performance in Foundries   Order a copy of this article
    by Faisal Aqlan 
    Abstract: Metal casting, one of the oldest manufacturing processes, is the introduction of a molten metal into a mold where after solidification, the metal takes on the shape of the molded cavity. The metal casting industry is a competitive, always evolving industry. While practices typically remain the same, the market fluctuates year to year. This forces companies and foundries to consistently adapt to an ever changing demand and improve their processes. To do so, foundries need to eliminate wastes in their process and ensure they produce highest quality castings. In this paper, we discuss an initiative for Lean Six Sigma process improvement in casting industry. A framework for selecting the proper problem solving methodology is presented. Several process improvement projects were identified and five projects were selected. Lean and Six Sigma problem solving methods were used.
    Keywords: Lean manufacturing; Six Sigma; process improvement; problem solving; casting industry.

  • Work Culture Enablers: Hierarchical Design for Effectiveness & Efficiency   Order a copy of this article
    by Rajender Kumar, Vikas Kumar, Sultan Singh 
    Abstract: The manufacturing process also referred as the transformation process (converting raw material into finished products) consumes the huge amount of resources [10], which severely affects sustainability. Extensive initiatives are sought to stand to the Make in India proposal of the Indian Prime Minister, which are primarily people dependent. The present work seeks to investigate the enablers of peoples work culture to implement PMs commandments along with their interdependence and hierarchy levels in Indian manufacturing sector for which the Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) has been used. While understanding the contextual relationships among the identified enablers MICMAC analysis is used to categorize the identified enablers according to their importance in the organization. The investigations reported that a twin enabler Compettitude (Competence + Attitude) [39] is the driving enabler for a zero waste culture paradigm to sustainable progression of the PMs initiative. Consistency is next reported as the dependent enabler for a healthy work culture on all other enablers.
    Keywords: Work Culture; Consistency; Compettitude; manufacturing organization; performance.

  • Lean Manufacturing Awareness and Its Implementation Status in the Apparel Industry in Bangladesh   Order a copy of this article
    by Abul Bashar, Ahsan Hasin 
    Abstract: Most recently the apparel manufacturing industries of Bangladesh have been greatly affected by several factors such as global competition, increased manufacturing and transportation cost, changing buyer habits and expected social compliance. However the literature study reveals that the use of advanced manufacturing and management system such as lean manufacturing system allows manufacturing firms to be more successful even operating in a more challenging and competitive environment. To analyze the lean manufacturing awareness and its current status of implementation in the apparel industry in Bangladesh, a survey was conducted. This paper addresses the awareness level of lean manufacturing system, lean tools and techniques and the degree of lean implementation in the apparel industry.
    Keywords: Apparel industry; Lean manufacturing; Lean awareness; Lean tools and techniques; Implementation.