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  • Sustainable valuation of urban green infrastructure: a case of evidence based policy making from India   Order a copy of this article
    by Pradeep Chaudhry 
    Abstract: The case study demonstrates that indirect benefits of well-maintained urban parks/gardens and water bodies have positive effect on the residents of the city which is reflected in nearby residential property rates indicated by more willingness to pay (WTP) on the part of people willing to buy them. This behavior was captured in residential plots collector rate modification policy decision in Chandigarh city of India during 2016. This step led to generation of better revenue by the city administration, enabling more ploughing back of money towards creation/ and maintenance of urban parks/gardens & water bodies (e.g. Sukhna lake). Cases of such kinds are not common in developing countries and need to be encouraged for sustaining local civic authorities financially.
    Keywords: Sustainability; valuation; non-market benefits; urban greens; good water quality lakes; Hedonic pricing method (HPM); developing countries; environmental economics.

  • Determinants of Bioethanol Fuel Purchasing Behaviour in Vietnam   Order a copy of this article
    by Han Hoang, Geoff Kerr, Lin Roberts 
    Abstract: Bioethanol fuel was introduced as a sustainable development initiative in Vietnam. This paper identifies factors influencing Vietnamese bioethanol purchases using a modified Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour applied through an internet survey. The modified TIB, which adds a link between habit and intention and excludes affect, is not only statistically better, but is also as parsimonious as the original TIB. Study findings indicate that habit is the strongest determinant of both intention to buy, and actual purchase of bioethanol. The overwhelming influence of habit implies that policies to encourage increased voluntary purchases of bioethanol will have little impact unless they can change habituated purchases of conventional petrol. This is consistent with the Vietnamese governments recent decision to remove traditional petrol from the market from 2018.
    Keywords: Biofuel purchasing; Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour; environmental knowledge.

  • Examination of multiple perspectives of sustainability in business   Order a copy of this article
    by Balamurugan Annamalai, Shabana Chandrasekaran, Pratyush Ranjan, Raja Singareddy 
    Abstract: Businesses are often misconceived as the antithesis of sustainability, despite the increasing emphasis given on sustainable practices by all stakeholders, viz. government, producers and consumers. Extant literature observes sustainability concerning each of the stakeholders through different lenses like green marketing, eco-orientation, sustainable consumption etc. As a result, the meaning of the term sustainability is often ambiguous and needs to be understood comprehensively. Examining the concept through the supply and demand perspective can bring forth more pragmatic insights related to sustainability in businesses. Drawing on evidence from three systematic literature reviews, this umbrella review aims to study the varied perspective of sustainability concept and the underlying theories by taking a supply-demand perspective of producers and consumers. The study builds a thematic representation of the involved stakeholders surrounding the symbiotic relationship between sustainable consumption and green marketing concept. Further, the controls exerted by the stakeholders are signified through 7 Rs developed in this study. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study on sustainability research stream based on the economic model of supply and demand. The observed drivers have immediate implications for marketing management regarding understanding the sustainability ecosystem and developing green marketing strategies.
    Keywords: Demand; Environment; Environmental marketing; Government; Green marketing; Natural resource-based view; New ecological paradigm; Societal marketing; Supply; Sustainability; Sustainable consumption; Stakeholder theory; Theory of planned behavior; Theory of reasoned action; Umbrella review.

  • Shoreline change identification and analysis along the coast of Guyana, South America   Order a copy of this article
    by Temitope D. T. Oyedotun, Linda Johnson-Bhola 
    Abstract: Guyanas coast is one of those in Southern America subjected to shoreline change. Understanding of spatio-temporal changes in shoreline position and the processes that drive the change (e.g. climate change) is very important in coastal protection and for increased shoreline surveillance and future planning. The aim of this study was to investigate the spatial and areal extent of shoreline morphological dynamics in the country. It examined forty-nine (49) years of the spatio-temporal behaviour of Guyanas shoreline by integrating and analysing the historical georeferenced satellite images in Google Earth repository, from 1969 to 2015 and on-site field mapping undertaken in 2017 - 2018. Nine (9) shorelines, extracted from the images and the field survey, were analysed using the Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) package of USGS in ESRIs
    Keywords: Shoreline changes; satellite images; sea level rise; DSAS; EPR; WLR; Guyana.

    by Ritu Rana, Manoj Sharma 
    Abstract: This paper examines the relationship of CO2 emissions with Economic Growth (EG); Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); and international trade indicators, i.e. imports and exports; in Indian context. The study uses a panel data of 36 years, i.e. from 1978 to 2013. All the data is sourced from World Development Indicators (WDI). Johansen cointegration methodology is used to examine the existence of long-run relationship between variables. Results indicate the existence of an inverted U-shaped curve in India, i.e. the EKC hypothesis and of the N-shaped curve too, as far as the CO2-EG relationship is concerned. Results also indicate that FDI is one of the determinants of CO2 emissions in India. Results favour more imports for India as they have negative effects on CO2 emissions, while exports contribute to CO2 emissions in India.
    Keywords: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) Hypothesis; N-Shaped Curve; CO2 Emissions; Cubic Regression.

  • National Policy and the Limits to Popular Dissent: The Case of the F-35   Order a copy of this article
    by Charles Simpson 
    Abstract: The F-35 fighter/bomber is the world's most expensive military program. While operationally questionable, it excels in "political engineering": the allocation of contracts and lobbying to achieve congressional support. While Vermont's business and congressional delegation advocate basing the planes at Burlington's International Airport, opponents have protested this with demonstrations, law suits, a referendum, and resolutions by three city councils. They principally cite the noise impacts on the housing supply and on children's cognitive development. This study, based on participant observation, explores why the movement has not prevailed, arguing it is because protest has been framed in terms of local consequences rather than including a critique of related national policy: American Exceptionalism, a military-based economy, and reliance on nuclear weapons.
    Keywords: F-35s; military-industrial complex; local democracy; grassroots movements; American exceptionalism.